The Curious Symbolism of Apples

Apple ©Emma Tuzzio

Apples are pretty common place here in the UK, yet are shrouded in deep mystery and symbolism. A source of inspiration for numerous fairy tales, for Isaac Newtons theory of Gravity, and the name of one the world’s most recognisable brands. 🍏 So I felt called to uncover how this humble fruit has landed itself such a golden reputation, particularly given its connection to the Autumn Equinox harvest this time of year.

Here I share my findings along with some of my apple photography and crafts. The apple candles will be used in a simple equinox ritual intending to find balance and the apple slices have been dried and hung as a garland to adorn my equinox altar. 🍁


In ancient mythology, the Apple is one of the most sacred trees and symbolises good health, future happiness and a place of rest and shelter. It’s also connected to eternal youth, long life and renewal. Perhaps this is due to its health giving properties below.


©Flickr/Forth With Life

We’ve all heard the proverb ‘an apple day keeps the doctor away’, but is there any truth to it? According to health experts, very much so! Rich in vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, apples are a natural remedy for the heart, stomach and bowels, and are said to improve bone health, promote brain function, and reduce the risk of asthma, diabetes and cancer thanks to antioxidants and flavonoids they contain. Perhaps this gives rise to its connection to eternal youth, long life and renewal.


Since ancient times apples have been known as the ‘Fruit of Love’ and have been used since time immemorial to express affection and passion. In Greek Mythology Aphrodite, goddess of love was given an apple as a symbol of love. Perhaps this originates in the fact that apple trees are members of the Rosaceae (rose) 🌹 family, which are all about the heart. So it’s no wonder that apples are a natural remedy for the heart emotionally and physically.


If you cut an apple across its width its pips form a 5-pointed star called a pentagram. This ancient symbol of knowledge has long been used by the celts, wiccans, druid & wise people through the ages. It also represents the five-fold form of man, as seen in Divinci’s Vitruvian Man which points out the geometric proportions of the human form fitting into a 5-pointed star. Perhaps this explains its mystical origins below.


The apple tree has been long revered by healers, shaman and magicians across the ages. Merlin held his magic lessons under an apple tree and the wardrobe in Narnia came from a magical apple tree. The Isle of Apples, or Vale of Apples are names given to the Isle of Avalon, the mythical paradise where hills were clothed with fruit bearing tree. Other legends tell of Otherworld visitors appearing as the Shaman carrying an apple branch with bells on it.


Apples were often gifted to teachers throughout history, possibly originating from times where poor families gifted teachers baskets of apples as payments for their children’s educations. Another theory is from the biblical story of Adam and Eve. Here, Eve eats the the forbidden fruit from the “Tree of Knowledge,” which is often depicted as an apple tree. The apple, therefore, is the fruit of knowledge, making it a fitting gift for a teacher. The biblical story also gave rise to its associations with immortality, temptation, the fall of man and sin.

So next time you take a bite into a humble apple, maybe you will be inspired to see it through very different eyes!


I made these apple candles below and dried apple slice garland to adorn my Autumn Equinox altar. I will also use the candles in a simple candle ritual to invoke greater balance in my life. See my post ‘Autumn Equinox Celebrations’ for more information.

Dried Apple garland adorning my Autumn Equinox Altar ©Emma Tuzzio

I hope I leave you suitably inspired to up your apple intake and to see the beauty and wonder of these everyday fruits. Happy Autumn Equinox everyone!

Love Emma. x

7 thoughts on “The Curious Symbolism of Apples

  1. Wow! This most definitely changed my point of view of something so simple as an apple! Also, it makes me want to watch Snow White all over again! Since she is given an apple to eat as a source of poison. Thank you for this!


    1. Thanks Katherine, glad you like it. Yes it totally shifted the way I see a humble apple now a’days!! Amazing aren’t they. Yes would be fascinating to re-watch or read the fairy tails again, having this symbolism in mind. x


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