The Curious Symbolism of Apples

Apples are pretty common place here in the UK, yet are shrouded in deep mystery and symbolism. A source of inspiration for numerous fairy tales, for Isaac Newtons theory of Gravity, and the name of one the world’s most recognisable brands. 🍏 So I felt called to uncover how this humble fruit has landed itself … More The Curious Symbolism of Apples

Blissful Beltane Celebrations

Beltane is the Pagan festival of fertility and union and takes place on May 1st. Known today as May day, it is seldom celebrated these days in mainstream culture where we live less connected to nature than our ancient ancestors. This feels a crying shame since some of my fondest childhood memories are of bounding … More Blissful Beltane Celebrations

Ode to the Dazzling Daisy

Spotting my first daisy of the year always fills me with joy as it signals the fruitful promise of Summer. Often overlooked as a garden weed, the humble daisy possesses great beauty and also vast wisdom for those with eyes to see. Join me as I explore the daisy’s symbolism, folklore and medicinal properties alongside … More Ode to the Dazzling Daisy

Foraging Forays: Wild Spring Edibles

Foraging has become a somewhat addictive pastime for me since lockdown began as I connect more deeply to seasonal cycles. Not only is it super fun but also highly empowering as you learn to resource yourself with delicious free food AND nutritious free medicine at the same time! It’s like finding the keys to mother … More Foraging Forays: Wild Spring Edibles

The Origins of Easter

Easter is one of my most favourite seasonal celebrations, a time of great hope, unlimited potential and the miracle of rebirth. Although it is seen as a Christian holy-day, its roots lie in earth-based spirituality practices that far precede the birth of Christ. Unearthing these ancient roots help to enrich my celebrations with greater reverence … More The Origins of Easter

Summer Solstice inspired Creativity

🌞💖🌞 Happy Summer Solstice everyone! 🌞💖🌞 Today, the 21st June is the Summer Solstice in the Northern hemisphere, and Winter Solstice in the Southern hemisphere. It marks the longest hours of daylight as the sun reaches its peek in the sky, with themes of rejoice, renewal and replenishment. A special time to celebrate the abundance of life; nature … More Summer Solstice inspired Creativity

The Art of Nature Mandalas

Originally posted on The Muse in the Mirror:
When you go down to the woods today, Why not make a Nature Mandala? Flower of Life mandala ©Emma Tuzzio I love the process of making a mandala using the abundance of natural materials supplied by Mother Nature. It reminds me of the sublime beauty that surrounds…


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