Photography: The Hidden Geometry of Flowers


I LOVE exploring the underlying symmetry and geometry of nature, particularly evident in the beautiful mandala patterns of flower faces. It reminds us of the geometry that underlies all existence, that to me points to the existence of a higher intelligence

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The Magic of the Summer Solstice: Sacred Celebrations for Midsummer

Featured Image -- 1846

Originally posted on The Muse in the Mirror:
As the wheel of the year turns to Summer, we enter into a time of fruition and fulfilment. All the upward energy of Spring spirals to it’s peak and launches us into…

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All Aboard The Magic Carpet Of Bluebell Bliss

Featured Image -- 1830

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Bluebell bliss at dusk © Emma Tuzzio Each year I delight in the opportunity to hitch a ride on the blue hued magic carpet, courtesy of the humble Bluebell. Living in the…

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The Magic Of Winter Solstice: 7 Ways to Celebrate the Returning Light

Featured Image -- 1807

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With Christmas fast approaching, it can be all too easy to get swept away in the festive frenzy of need and expectation, and to lose sight of the true reason for the season. Whilst…

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Transcendental Meditation: Tried and Tested

web_Group meditation_DSC_3428

Could transcendental meditation help me cope better with the stresses of life? What is transcendental meditation? Transcendental meditation (TM) is a simple technique used by over 7m people worldwide to unlock their potential for self-healing and personal growth. The technique

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Dreaming of a Green Christmas

Featured Image -- 1774

Originally posted on The Muse in the Mirror:
A Quest for the True Festive Spirit  ? As the season of goodwill approaches, join me on a journey to unwrap the true meaning of Christmas, and to learn how to celebrate…

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