The ultimate Seasonal Cycle Resource Guide

As a nature loving soul who loves to share her musings, inspirations and knowledge on connecting to natures cycles, I have naturally amassed an extensive list of books that I wish to share with you below. Not affiliated to one particular spiritual path or tradition, I would describe my spiritual path simply as attunement with … More The ultimate Seasonal Cycle Resource Guide

Samhain ~ The roots of Halloween

You know it’s that time of year when the supermarket shelves are stocked with blood stained costumes, disembodied limbs, ghastly ghouls, ghosts and demon costumes. But Samhain isn’t necessarily a creepy, morbid holiday obsessed with death, as modern celebrations would suggest. Instead, it is intimately connected to Nature’s rhythms and touches on themes far deeper than we have been … More Samhain ~ The roots of Halloween