Summer Solstice inspired Creativity

🌞💖🌞 Happy Summer Solstice everyone! 🌞💖🌞 Today, the 21st June is the Summer Solstice in the Northern hemisphere, and Winter Solstice in the Southern hemisphere. It marks the longest hours of daylight as the sun reaches its peek in the sky, with themes of rejoice, renewal and replenishment. A special time to celebrate the abundance of life; nature … More Summer Solstice inspired Creativity

Summer Blooms ~ Capturing the Joys of Summer

With the advent of Summer, the earth enters into a time of fruition and fulfilment, abundance in full crowning glory. The natural world explodes into full bloom; flowers and fruits blossoming to their full potential and unfurling in a kaleidoscope of colours. Not only a feast for the eyes, many of these botanical beauties provide a haven for bee’s, … More Summer Blooms ~ Capturing the Joys of Summer