Can you laugh at yourself? Sensitive People (video) by Vir

Oh boy, this HILARIOUS song by Vir McCoy holds up a rainbow tinted mirror to the Sensitive-souls among us! Having recently written about the subject of Highly Sensitive people (HSP) – something I myself attest to being, I wonder if this video was made about me!?!! hmmmmm…haha

Although being highly sensitive is VERY real, and sometimes challenging to deal with, especially as it’s largely misunderstood by society and often mocked by those who can’t relate. With that in mind, it’s still fun to take a lighthearted stance about our sensitivities and view it in good humour.

After all, laughter really is the best medicine. And besides, there are already far too many so-called spiritual souls out there who take themselves and their spirituality far too seriously.

Lets break the mold, along with our ego’s and adopt a playful approach to life.

In other words, let’s lighten-up!

To me En-LIGHTEN-ment is all about lightening-up, and all the greatest spiritual masters I admire laugh often and at themselves – the Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu are perfect examples.

It was said that once one achieves Satori there is nothing left to do but laugh!

Scientific Verification:

It’s true, there is science to back up the claim that Laughter really is the best medicine. Research found that a good belly laugh release endorphines into the body, which as well as generating mild euphoria, also dulls pain.

Being able to laugh at yourself may be a sign of an optimistic personality and a sense of humour, according to a small 2011 study, and it might even improve your mood. Humour has also been identified as a possible factor in the development of personal resilience.

Blessed are we who can laugh at ourselves, for we shall never cease to be amused. ~ Unknown




Sensitive People by Vir

It’s Seriously A Good Idea To Laugh At Yourself, Science Confirms

Why It’s Incredibly Important To Learn To Laugh At Yourself


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5 comments on “Can you laugh at yourself? Sensitive People (video) by Vir
  1. platosgroove says:


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  2. calensariel says:

    That video was pretty darn funny. And I have that picture in my favorite pix gallery on my blog. Love it all!

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  3. As another sensitive person I find this absolutely HILARIOUS as well! Will reblog and share with my sensitive daughter and (overly) sensitive husband! Thanks for the laugh from someone who has a tendency to take herself too seriously!

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