The Wheel of the Year ~ Paintings and Inspirations of the Seasons

I find endless fascination in the seasonal ebb and flow of life. The transition of colours and shifts in energy that are dictated by our solar cycle. When given the task of writing an essay and producing a series of artworks on the subject of Nature’s Rhythms, I was eager to explore the rhythm of The Wheel of the Year;  The annual cycle of eight seasonal festivals, celebrated by many modern Pagans and nature lovers.

The Wheel of the Year ©Emma Tuzzio

The Wheel of the Year
©Emma Tuzzio


Exploring the Wheel of the year provides an archetypal model for wholeness and integration, therefore can serve as a worthy therapeutic tool. Nature is always striving for balance and wholeness as we see when we look at the wheel. We observe the polarities of the Solstices at Winter and Summer, solstice meaning sun standing still. Light and dark are always in balance as whilst one hemisphere of the earth is in Summer, the other is in Winter.

Plus, the Equinoxes mark complete balance points of light and dark as day and night are of equal length. They also lie mid-way between the light and the dark phase of the year, so serve as a reminder for us to balance these opposite forces within ourselves; between inner and outer growth, conscious and unconscious, light and darkness, receptive and active.

10442458_10154346267240691_3787799601344280536_nThe solstices represent the opposites of light and dark, with Summer Solstice being the longest day as the sun reaches its peak in the sky. This represents the light, the outer manifestation of conscious growth, both in the plant world as well as in us. And conversely the Winter Solstice is the longest night, representing darkness; the realm of our inner landscape, our subconscious and spiritual growth. By working with the Wheel of the year archetypically, metaphorically and symbolically, we learn to incorporate these polarities and balance within ourselves. This helps us move towards a state of wholeness and integration, which is ultimately the goal of our soul’s evolution.

Connecting to the Earth’s passing seasons also helps us acknowledge the essence of who we are; an integral part of nature, and feel our interconnection with all of creation, and not somehow fragmented and separate. We can also learn to recognize the underlying energy shift, or life force, within each seasonal change, and acknowledge the way this resonates within our souls.

“As plants change with the changing seasons, so do we metamophphose in our inner world. Our souls seem to undergo an inner transformation of mood, which is intimately embedded in the cycle of the year” ~ Margaret Colquhoun


Below are my series of artworks, described individually in another blog post. My aim was to explore the underlying energy of each season (of the life force) using colour, shape and expression. I used the seasonal changes of the Cherry tree as a framework for my paintings.



“It was but yesterday I thought myself a fragment quivering without rhythm in the sphere of life. Now I know that I am the sphere, and all life in rhythmic fragments moves within me.”  ~ Kahlil Gibran


One of the most respected authors on the subject, Glennie Kindred, explains that “celebrating the yearly solar cycle is a means by which we can connect to the Earth’s passing seasons and acknowledge the way this resonates within ourselves as part of the natural world.”…

Beneath the seasonal change there is a subtle shift in energy that affects us all, wheter we are conscious of it or not. By understanding the flow and direction of these energies, we can move into harmony with them and give ourselves the best conditions in which to grow, develop spiritually and move towards changes we wish to make in our lives. ~ Glennie Kindred / Earth Wisdom.

When we understand the ebbs and flows of the changing season, we gain a greater understanding of our own natural rhythms. Our bodies begin to synchronise with the natural flow of life, and we learn when is the best time to rest, when is the best time to incubate our dreams and visions, and when is the best time for action, to express ourselves out in the world.


  • Invites greater Presence into our lives
  • Acceptance of life’s changes and the transformation they bring
  • Helps us to let go of the old and embrace the new
  • Reconnects us to nature, the essence of who we are. This helps us feel a part of creation and not somehow fragmented and separated from the whole.
  • Synchronises us in harmony with the underlying energy of the life force.
  • Acceptance of darkness, and of our pain
  • Reconnect to our inner wisdom and trust our intuition.
  • Create inner balance between our inner and outer growth.
  • Greatly enhancing our sense of wellbeing and happiness.


I hope this post inspires you to reconnect with the beauty of each passing season and to recognise yourself as inseparable from life’s pulsating rhythm that moves within and around you.

By Emma Tuzzio


·    Earth Wisdomby Glennie Kindred, London, UK: Hay House, 2011.

·   Sacred Earth Celebrations,by Glennie Kindred,East Meon, UK: Permanent Publications, 2014.

·   The Earths Cycle of Celebration,by Glennie Kindred, Wirksworth, UK: Glennie Kindred, 2002.

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