Easter Celebrations with Conscious Creativity

Easter Altar ©Emma Tuzzio

Easter blessings everyone! I celebrated today with some quiet contemplation and nature connection. My favourite way to honour the seasonal festivals however is through creative ritual. Being creative has an enlivening yet centring effect upon me as I become naturally present, calm and receptive to intuitive insight. Furthermore, using natural materials as my medium helps me attune to the seasonal cycles of the earth, which I feel expresses the essence of each festival. Check out my previous blog post where I explore the Origins of Easter here.


The spring flower mandala’s below were created mindfully as a celebration of the true meaning of Easter;~ an expression of the fertility of the earth at this time and the spirit of renewal, rebirth and transformation. The ephemerality of making such mandalas emphasises the impermanence and ever changing nature of an earth bound by seasonal transformation. It also highlights the perfection of imperfection as natural beauty shines forth despite its irregularity.

I love to investigate the true root of all celebrations, and understand the meaning and symbolism of rituals used today, so that I can celebrate it authentically and meaningfully.  At their core, all the festivals we celebrate today such as Christmas, Easter, Halloween – originate from ancient, nature-worshipping traditional such as Paganism, whose wisdom was intertwined with the rhythms of mother nature. In essence, they celebrate the seasonal patters of nature. During Spring time nature is abound with new life – flowers budding, trees leafing out, and baby animals being born! The world is lush with new life, new beginnings, and fertility. Which makes total sense when you look at the symbolisms of Easter – eggs, bunnies, chicks! The message – transformation, rebirth, renewal.

The resurrection of Christ, I believe is also an important symbol of this time of year. Nowhere in the Bible does it claim that Jesus Christ rose from the dead on Sunday morning, so many Christian scholars openly admit that it didn’t necessarily happen at this time. It is however, a perfect metaphor for what occurs this time of year as the death of winter gives way for the renewal of life in Spring – and is an important teaching we can each take into our lives. From painful ending, springs forth fresh new beginnings with greater wisdom, strength and transformation. Look at the biggest challenges in your life – did you not emerge stronger, wiser and a better person as a result! It’s a message of great hope and light at the end of the tunnel. Not something to be dismissed, but celebrated as an archetypal pattern no matter what your religion or belief.

I love how Marianne Williamson explains about the Resurrection from the perspective of the Course of Miracles. “Jesus is one who actualised the divine potential within all of us: the totally loving mind, or Christ Mind, that is God’s ultimate creation. Resurrection occurs when the mind becomes purified by unconditional love, which is total forgiveness. This causes an alchemical reaction — a miracle beyond what the mortal mind can understand — that nullifies the effects of negativity. Our having surrendered our lovelessness, God Himself delivers us beyond the ego mind and the suffering it produces (the crucifixion)…….And that is the miracle of Easter: the dissolution of fear and the reemergence of eternal love.”

So at this time, the Christ consciouses – that highest creative potential within us, which Jesus embodied – is an energy more easily accessible to us all if we go within and tune into it. And the key to accessing it: LOVE. To love unconditionally, to forgive and be compassionate to all without judgement or separation. That was Jesus’ true message because that’s the key to enlightenment and the ultimate reason we’re here on this planet in my humble opinion anyway. 

By Emma Tuzzio

3 thoughts on “Easter Celebrations with Conscious Creativity

  1. Love the v
    Beautiful mandala & artistic things you can do with flowers! I wish I had creativity flowing from me like you have lol. So pretty & means so much to see beauty
    Regards from Tweed Valley nsw oz


    1. Hi there, thanks for your sweet comment, so pleased you like my work. It’s super easy, anyone can do it – I’ve done workshops with kids & they lap it up so give it a go! you must have wonderful array of tropical flowers to pick from over in NSW!! Enjoy! x

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