The Origins of Easter

Easter is one of my most favourite seasonal celebrations, a time of great hope, unlimited potential and the miracle of rebirth. Although it is seen as a Christian holy-day, its roots lie in earth-based spirituality practices that far precede the birth of Christ. Unearthing these ancient roots help to enrich my celebrations with greater reverence … More The Origins of Easter

Easter Flower Mandala & The Origins of Easter

In celebration of the EASTER weekend, I decided to create a flower mandala as a celebration and offering of gratitude for the beauty of Spring. For me, Easter is a time to honour the fertility and rebirth of the natural world. Here in the northern hemisphere, we see buds and blossoms blooming in full glory after the dormancy … More Easter Flower Mandala & The Origins of Easter

Fall’s Gold: Awesome Autumnal Colour

Nothing inspires me more than a crisp Autumnal walk to soak up the mesmerising array of Autumnal colour. From blazing crimsons to red hot pinks, smouldering orange embers and electrifying yellows – all courtesy of natures own canvas! Walking mindfully I am bathed in a warming kaleidoscope of colour that never fails to disappoint. Somehow I emerge feeling invigorated, energised … More Fall’s Gold: Awesome Autumnal Colour