Fall’s Gold: Awesome Autumnal Colour

Autumn Colour ©Emma Tuzzio

Autumn Colour ©Emma Tuzzio

Nothing inspires me more than a crisp Autumnal walk to soak up the mesmerising array of Autumnal colour. From blazing crimsons to red hot pinks, smouldering orange embers and electrifying yellows – all courtesy of natures own canvas! Walking mindfully I am bathed in a warming kaleidoscope of colour that never fails to disappoint. Somehow I emerge feeling invigorated, energised and very much alive as I feel life’s pulsating rhythms flowing through me.

As I walk I contemplate the transient nature of autumn as the trees surrender their leaves, embracing death as a natural part of the endless cycle of life. As everything dies back and retreats into the earth, the tree knows not to fear loss or the emergence into darkness, as it understands the regenerative power of death. Dying leaves form compost. This conditions the soil and provides the best conditions for future growth, ensuring the continuum of life. It is the ultimate affirmation of the regenerative power of death, as leaves need to die before new life can begin.

Death is the stratagem nature employs in order to have as much life as possible.” ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Embracing this notion has certainly helped me accept the challenges and endings in my own life as out of difficult situations comes rebirth, inner strength, wisdom and maturity. All we have to do is trust in the cyclical nature of life, and tune into the natural cycles that exist within us. And remember from every ending springs new beginnings.

In a bid to preserve these precious moments, I harness my trusty camera to capture a glimpse of natures wonder, although the photo’s pale in comparison to the real thing!

Autumn Colour by Emma Tuzzio:

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2 comments on “Fall’s Gold: Awesome Autumnal Colour
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  2. […] this new found perspective, I now look at Autumn with pure delight. Knowing the transitioning colours signal the end of one cycle and the beginning […]


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