Spring Equinox Mandala and Poetry

It’s that wonderful time of year when nature springs back to life after her winter slumber. Finally the days are lengthening, the birds are singing and the buds begin to unfurl – showering us with a spectacular display of colour.

Spring blooms ©Emma Tuzzio

For these reasons, I love to celebrate the Spring Equinox, also known as Ostara, which is a seasonal celebration that occurs around March 20th in the Northern hemisphere. It represents the festival of balance and potential, where night and day are of equal length.

Ostara is the dawn of Spring, the entry way to Summer. At the Spring Equinox the Earth stands fresh and renewed. Let us all be like the Earth, let us cast away the darkness of Winter and embrace the wonder of green growing things. May we find delight in that which blooms around us and let us never forget our responsibility to this place we call home. This world is magickal place, may the power of our Lady and the beauty of Nature remind us of that everyday we draw breath.          by Jason Mankey, Patheos.com


Spring Equinox represents the following themes:

  • Balance: Day and night are of equal length so we are reminded to address the balance of light and dark, our inner and outer worlds and our male and feminine aspects of self.
  • Rebirth and Resurrection: Spring Equinox is also celebrated as Ostara, which is the origins of what Easter is known as today. It’s theme is Rebirth and Resurrection from death, and we see this playing out throughout nature as tree’s reawaken after winter dormancy, and buds begin to unfurl. We are witnessing an emerging, expansive active energy of the earth that births new life.


I like to celebrate the season through CREATIVITY, so decided to create this Spring Equinox inspired mandala as a symbolic offering of my gratitude to the earth:

Spring Equinox Mandala ©Emma Tuzzio

I wanted to work with the five-fold geometry of the pentagram, and incorporate the energies of spring – hence the humble the daffodil (although it has 6 petals). I also added the pussy willow and cherry blossom detail to represent the awakening of natures splendour.

Spring Equinox ©Emma Tuzzio

Here is another piece of artwork I created based on the Spring Equinox. A watercolour painting reflecting the rebirth of mother earth through unfurling buds, and quickening life force energies – expanding life in all directions. I was particularly inspired by the colours and beauty of the Cherry Blossom with its magenta and green hues – also representing a balance of complementary colours. The cherry blossom is a part of the rose family, which according to E.Wagner-Koch; 

“The blossoming rose represents, as an archetypal image, the goal of higher purity. Its fivefold petal configuration conveys the form of the human being. It is the blossom, and its colour lives in the redness of blood, the ‘blossom’ of the human being.”

Click here for more of my seasonal artwork inspired by the Wheel of the Year.

And finally, I share a selection of heart warming poems that really capture the spirit of the celebration. I hope you enjoy, and they inspired you to reflect upon the beauty and wonderment of nature this blissful time of year:



Spring Equinox by Agnes Krampe

Spring blooms ©Emma Tuzzio

The balance tips toward the light.

Now is the time to start

A journey or a garden bed;

Plant with a happy heart


The seeds of dreams. Wake, senses, wake!

Smell the moist soil that brings

Forth juicy green from its dark depth.

Hear how the river sings;


The waters nourish and renew.

Feel gentle balmy breeze

Caress your skin. See sun’s bright light

Awaken grass and trees.


Now taste the joy. And like the earth

You are refreshed and new

And full of energy to plant,

Begin, create, and do.



Spring blooms3 ©Emma Tuzzio

The Spring Equinox by Ann Ridler

Now is the pause between asleep and awake:

Two seasons take

A colour and quality each from each as yet.

The new stage-set

Spandril, column and fan of spring is raised against the winter backdrop.

Murrey and soft;

Now aloft

The sun swings on the equinoctial line.

Few flowers yet shine:

The hellebore hangs a clear green bell and opulent leaves

above dark mould;

The light is cold

In arum leaves, and a primrose flickers

Here and there; the first cool bird-song flickers in the thicket.

Clouds arc pale as the pollen from sallows;

March fallows are white with lime like frost.


This is the pause between asleep and awake:

The pause of contemplation and of piece,

Before the earth must teem and the heart ache.

This is the child’s pause, before it sees

That the choice of one way has denied the other ;

Must choose the either, or both, of to care and not to care;

Before the light or darkness shall discover

Irreparable loss; before it must take

Blame for the creature caught in the necessary snare:

Receiving a profit, before it holds a share.



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